How to Advertising With Google Ads? Here are The Steps

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Advertising With Google Ads
Advertising With Google Ads Advertising with Google is an efficient strategy to grow your internet business. As a result, you must learn how to develop Google Ads in order to attract a large number of customers. Google, the world’s largest search engine, has 98% of Indonesian users.

Google is the place to find a lot of information about what you want to know. The huge market reach of Google makes this digital giant one of the most effective advertising platforms for a business.

You can design ads that will appear in Google search results by using the Google Ads advertising platform. Isn’t it cool?

12 Tips to Advertise with Google Ads

Getting the most out of every ad dollar spent is a crucial aspect of using Google Ads. Here are some useful suggestions for using Google to create great advertising with Google Ads:

  1. Concentrate on your advertising objectives
  2. Budget allocation should be based on performance
  3. Recognize your target market
  4. When possible, use location targeting
  5. Prevent your adverts from being overexposed
  6. Relevance as a goal
  7. Keep an eye out for ways to improve
  8. Simplify
  9. Make use of campaign strategically
  10. Purposeful bidding
  11. Monitor conversions for quality
  12. Always testing

How to Use Google Ads

Google changed the name of its advertising platform from Google AdWords to Google Ads on July 24, 2018. However, in general, the usage is nearly identical. The style and features of Google Ads have changed.

This article will show you how to create simple Google Ads. Hopefully, it will assist you in growing your company. See how to use Google Ads below!

1. Create a Google Ads account

You must first create an account on Google before you can begin advertising. If you don’t already have a Google Ads account, go to the Google Ads website. Then, proceed with the Google Ads account creation process. You can also use an existing Google account to sign in.

However, if you want complete control over the advertising that will be created, it is recommended that you switch to Expert Mode by clicking the ‘Switch to Expert Mode’ button.

2. Determining Ad Goals

The second step is to ascertain the advertiser’s goals or objectives. Your adverts will be organized in such a way that they will assist you in achieving your desired results.

3. Choose an Ad Display Type

The campaign type is the format in which the advertising with google will be shown. For each campaign’s goal. When you put ads on Google, you can select from numerous sorts of campaigns, including:

  • Search engine marketing campaign
  • Campaign for display
  • Campaign for retail sales
  • Campaign for Video
  • Campaign for App
  • Clever advertising campaign
  • Campaign at the local level

4. Complete the Ad Basic Settings

To show advertising, you must first complete basic ad settings such as ad type, ad name, and network selection.

5. Determine the Duration of The Ad

The next step in generating Google Ads is determining the duration of the ads. To access the settings, first select ‘Show more settings’. Following that, you will have many options for determining how long Google will serve your advertisements for.

6. Select Location and Language Range

To be more specific, you can limit the range to the province or city you want to reach. Determine your target audience’s language. Google will choose to show advertisements to those who have those language options.

7. Determine the Target Audience

You can choose the audience that perfectly suited your target market so that adverts can be shown to them specifically. Determine the target audience, for example, by looking at demographics, age, and interests.

8. Set a Daily Budget for Ads

You can choose how much money Google can spend each day on ad placement for each campaign. To properly post ads on Google, you must first establish a budget for the ad. Google offers a budget limit option that will automatically stop ads when the cost limit is reached.

When you are first getting started with ads, start with the smallest budget. Then you can gradually begin measuring ad success and attempting to optimize them.

9. Specify Bidding for Ads

Bidding is the amount of money you will spend on each ad purpose or the cost of one ad click. You can configure it to track conversions, clicks, or impressions. Click ‘Save and Continue’ after you are finished.

10. Define Keywords for Ad Group Ads

Then, in ad groups, adjust the keyword settings. Multiple ad groups can be found in a single campaign. Each campaign allows you to build one or more ad groups. If you are making more than one group ad, give each one a different name in the spaces provided.

This will help you determine which ad performs best. Next, input keywords related to the advertising you have produced. The goal is for your ad to appear in the search results when users enter the keyword in a Google search.

After you have completed the keyword, do not forget to click ‘Save and continue’ to proceed to the next step.

11. Create an advertisement/Ad copy

After you have completed the above settings, the next step in creating advertising with Google Ads is to construct an ad display form. For paid search, Google limits the character count of the text so that the complete ad text can be displayed in the search results.

To entice your viewers to click on your ad, write short and informative sentences. Then, click ‘Save and Continue’ to save the settings.

12. Conduct a review

When you are through configuring your ads, you will be transferred to the review page before you can upload them to Google. If you still need to make changes, do so before releasing advertisements.

13. Complete payment details

The final step in designing and creating advertising on Google is to complete the payment details for ad serving. Fill in the essential information, such as billing country, time zone, client information, payment method, and so on.

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Once everything is completed, check for approval and click the ‘Submit’ button. Then you will be taken to the billing information. Complete the payment in accordance with the amount billed. If so, your ad will appear on Google if it is authorized. That was a tutorial on how to build advertising with Google Ads. Hopefully, this article will assist you in expanding your business by creating advertising with Google Ads. Best of luck!