Advertising Media: Advertising types and Characteristic

Advertising on social media is a direct approach to contact your target audience. You can target either new or returning customers. All of the major social networks provide advertising types...
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Agustus 16, 2022
Advertising Media: Advertising types and Characteristic

Advertising on social media is a direct approach to contact your target audience. You can target either new or returning customers. All of the major social networks provide advertising types and choices. This does not imply that you must use all of them.

When deciding where to place your ads, it is also useful to know which networks are most popular with your target audience. Where is your target audience most engaged, concentrated, and accessible? Advertising is one method for achieving this goal.

Advertising is anything that draws the attention of the audience to the products or services being provided (goods or services). Advertisement is usually delivered through mass media, such as print, electronic, and radio.

Newspapers, magazines, and posters are some examples of advertising types of print media used for advertising.

Characteristics of Advertising

The more rapidly the internet develops, the more media may be used for advertising. YouTube, search engine banners, and email are examples of commercial advertising media.

Advertisers or companies who pay for advertising, media that display advertising, and companies or advertising agencies are the three main stakeholders involved in advertising. So, the advertisement must have its own unique characteristics.

Some of the characteristics of advertising are as follows:

1. Content that is easily understood

The advertisement’s content should be brief, honest, eye-catching, objective, and not offensive to either side.

2. Informative

Implying that it is informative. The product or service being advertised must be explained.

3. The language used is easy to use

Advertising must use language that is easy to interpret and understand since it is the advertising itself that makes people want to try and use the product or service advertised.

4. Advertisements are packaged to capture the attention and interest of their readers

So, someone wants to try out what is being advertised.

5. Make an invitation

Advertisements must be inviting in nature in order to encourage a large number of people to try and use what is promoted.

What Are the Various Types of Advertising?

The landscape of online technology is wide. In addition to serving every user action on digital devices and the web, advertising guarantees that the user’s attention is drawn at every possible point of contact.

Thus, it can be classified into different advertising types depending on the type of advertisement, channel, and purpose of the ad.

1. Newspaper Ads


The biggest advantage of advertising in newspapers is that it can reach a large geographic market. A large range of things can be sold in a specific location. Newspaper advertising is also adaptable and timely, allowing for changes as needed.

Newspapers are becoming the most common form of advertising.

2. Television Ads

Television Ads
Television Ads

The main benefit of television advertising is that the advertising message and product may be delivered to everyone at the same time. One of the advertising types is Television advertising, that can be classified as a local network, a place, or an advertisement.

Network advertisements are aimed at a large target audience spread across a large geographical area. Through network advertising, messages can reach the entire country at once.

3. Radio Ads

Radio Ads
Radio Ads

Radio advertising has the advantage of being able to choose the territory and target audience to which the message is to be directed. It is also less expensive than television advertising.

4. Magazine Ads

magazine ads
magazine ads

Today, magazines are widely distributed and play an essential role in the advertising industry. These advertisements are issued once/ twice a week, or once a month.\

Advertising in magazines has a longer shelf life than newspaper ads, which are read and explained every day.

A magazine Ads is typically held for a longer amount of time and is read in a more casual manner. However, because magazine printing is far more complex than newspaper publishing, most advertising must be placed long before they reach the reader.

5. Direct Mail Ads

Mail Ads
Mail Ads

If an advertiser wants to get extensive coverage for its items, mail ads are very beneficial. Direct-mail advertising includes brochures advertising grocery store deals, catalogues announcing the sale of summer or winter merchandise, and letters offering special purchases.

A big number of small and medium-sized problems also employ this strategy because it is cheaper and faster. Direct Mail Advertising is one of the Advertising types you can use.      

6. Transportation Ads

Transportation Ads
Transportation Ads

Various advertising messages are displayed on public transportation vehicles such as city buses, taxis, lorries, three-wheeled vehicles, and so on.

This form of transportation advertising message is best suited for large cities and cities where many individuals can see the advertisements on their way to and from work.

7. Outdoor Ads

Outdoor Ads
Outdoor Ads

Because a reader typically only views the content for a few seconds, outdoor advertisements should be brief and to the point. These are employed for products that are often used, well-known, and whose message can be delivered to the user rapidly.

These messages are shown on billboards, painted signs, and electricity poles, among other places. Because the message should be brief, the advertiser’s trademark, a slogan, or a visualisation of the package are generally included.

8. Speciality Ads

Speciality Ads
Speciality Ads

Every year, some advertisers have their names and messages printed on a wide range of essential goods, particularly around the time of the “New Year.”

This type of advertising is referred to as “Specially Advertising.” Handbags, pens, ashtrays, bottle caps, key rings, phone book covers, T-shirts, calendars, bill folds, and other promotional items are examples of advertising types of specifically advertised items.

9. Personal Selling

Personal Selling
Personal Selling

Personal selling is one of the important aspects of advertising types of marketing strategy. Personal selling is a method of reaching out to customers in person. To be effective, salespeople must understand the items they sell as well as the company’s policies.

10. Promotion of Sales

Promotion Sales
Promotion Sales

Sales promotion refers to marketing efforts other than personal selling, advertising, and publicity that stimulate consumer purchase and dealer effectiveness, such as displays, shows and exhibits, premiums, contests, trading, coupons, and so on.

Thus, the explanation relates to the understanding of advertising, the advertising types, and the advertising needs in order for advertisements to be accepted and attracted by the public. One of the most crucial media for businesses is advertising. A good advertisement will elicit a positive response. To summarize, advertising is a media used to advertise a product, service, or appeal to a large number of people. so that the ad types are tailored to the type of audience.

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